Meet the Mills

Ever wonder who is behind the logo?

Well, come and listen to the story – but not about a man named Jed.

Scott and Dusty first met each other in their sixth period class in highschool.  They secretly crushed on each other, but neither said a word.  It would take them six years and several “almosts” to finally get together.  But once they finally did, they never let go of each other again.

Fast forward ten years and they’ve added a daughter, a few pets and a farm to the scene.  Having a naturally grown garden was something they’d always had and gardening was absolutely intrinsic for Scott.  Over time, they developed a mutual passion for living small and simple, and they both knew that small market gardening was their dream.  2012 was the year they started their farm and managed it while both working full time jobs, but they knew that they wanted small market gardening to be their life’s work – not just a hobby.

The next natural step, of course, was to quit both their jobs, leave the city and go back home to the country and farm their veggies.  Yeah.  It sounds like a crazy bold decision, but you know what they say, ‘regret always feels worse than failure.’

So, follow this family as they make the transition from their harried, city life to a slow farming one.  Who knows, maybe you might just catch the growing bug too!  But, if not – no worries, you can let Red Rooster Farms do the growing for you and you can reap the rewards by finding them at the Downtown Lee’s Summit Farmers market.

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